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new av / stereo amp

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by fatmatt, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. fatmatt


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    Hi all

    Sorry but I have asked a similiar question little while back and didn't act on the answers so I going again.
    At present I have a sony dvd with the sound sorted out by a pioneer vsx-c100 feeding 2 BW 601 as the fronts, a Kef coda 80 centre with a yamaha sub and yamaha rear sats.
    I am using this set up for films and music. Mainly to minimise speakers.
    I am reasonably happy with the set up except the amp could do with a bit more oomph for music.

    The problem is , is that the centre channel has started to intermittently fail. I am know thinking of either getting a new amp for the 5.1.
    two questions?

    1. can I connect a new 5.1 amp to my speakers and also connect a stereo amp and then use one or the other?

    2. If not any recommendations for a AV reciever / amp to give me good / reasonable sound on films and music.

    I am obviously not looking for top of the range, in fact my budget is probably £250 if I have to go option 2 and less than a £100 if I can do option 1.
    I rarely get to sit and listen intently to my music I just want it loud and clear. Have to drown out the noise of the screaming kids.

    Any help appriecated, and dont get to technical because I wont know what your talking about.

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