New AV setup, TV , Amp, Speakers what to buy?


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Not been around on the forum for a while, having two good setups at home that work have meant I've had my attention elsewhere. So my next setup is for a new apartment we have bought. The living room isn't huge, 3.5m x 5.5m and we will be viewing the TV across the 3.5m width.

I'm not an audiophile, and if I'm honest the looks and aesthetics are equally as important as the performance (shallow I know) :)

We don't want to go surround sound, having two setups at home we want to keep this simple and not be trailing speaker wires around the room. Thoughts at the moment are, 48/50" TV (probably Samsung for streaming/dnla compatibility with our tablets and phones, av receiver, would like to have internet radio capability and Bluetooth if possible, a pair of floor standers (without sub so decent bass), just because I've always wanted some. Connecting in will probably be games console and humax HDR. Total budget is around £2k, I'm out of touch so just starting to read up again on kit. The main activities will be watching TV and Films, listening to radio and streaming music and video content from Tablet and phone. Occasional gaming, but not a high priority.

For the TV, the Samsung JU7000 is looking quite good, but AV Receivers have moved on so much since I last looked round around 5/6 years ago. Looking at the Yamaha RXV479, is this reasonable? As the room is small, and we don't want to upset the neighbors, don't need massively powerful speakers.

Throw some ideas and recommendations at me please:)

Thanks in advance


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Thanks Quantum, I hadn't before but having looked at the mating sound bar the reviews are quite good.

Andrew K

Thanks Quantum, I hadn't before but having looked at the mating sound bar the reviews are quite good.
Have a look at the Denon HEOS home cinema soundbar as well as that will give you good TV sound but also start off a multi room system for music

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