New AV Set-Up Query for Yamaha RX-N600D



Just managed to secure 2.5k for a 1st time AV set-up. Music & Lan connectivity are a must. Looking at Yamaha RX-N600D AV Amp, Monitor Audio RS6 silver speakers (2 floorstanders & 1 centre just now) & either the Infocus IN74 or Benq PE770 projector.

Noticed that AV receiver supports HDTV but does not appear to have a HDMI port. Is this a drawback? And any thoughts on the choice of projector would greatly be appreciated.



Hi and welcome to the forums, the DIY section is really for self build projects etc. I have moved your thread to the integrated amps/receivers section for the amp query. You would be better asking the projector question in that section of the forums :)


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well, the Lan connectivity kinda narrows you down quite a, however Yamaha rarely turn out a bad performer, but i'm not aware of its power and abilities....just to let you know, although the RS6's can be run on most amps, if you really want to let them sing at their best you should use as powerful an amp as you can.....especially if you want to turn things up to cinematic volumes levels (nothing more fun when you have a, believe me..heh)

one thing you could take in to account, if the LAN side is more for sharing your computers music, is to buy an aftermarket product that can plug in to the amp via phonos or digital connection and is either cat5'd or wirelessly connected to your computer....reason for doing this would be you get a much wider selection of amps.....and can buy the best to suit your other needs incl driving the speakers effectively....

for the RS6's, assuming you eventually add rears for either 5.1 or 7.1 sound, i would definitely suggest spending a good £750 on the amp.....altho if you go secondhand/exdemo or clearance you can get the same thing for around £450-500 quite often.....with ex-demo they are usually in pristine condition...

however if you spend £750, with the RS6's and centre you will be looking at around £1,550 (altho they might discount, its better to get cables chucked in free instead or as well as)....which leaves you a grand almost for the PJ....

you can indeed pick up the IN74 for this all accounts its a fairly competent performer......if you could stretch to the IN76 by maybe not buying your centre speaker now and getting all this together from one shop, you would get a better projector all round.....personally if i was looking from your position i'd be considering this.....

however, the best thing to do is get to a shop and demo this equipment, then you know whether or not its likely to make you happy...heh....for the sake of fairness, i'd also consider trying Denon and Pioneer amps, plus B&W and KEF speakers........and ones i havnt heard myself but people say good things about are Quad, and Castle, plus others....its worth trying alternatives just in case.....spending this kinda cash should be fun but dont rush in like a kid in a toy shop, aside from the fact some retailers will take this to mean they can foist anything on you, it also means you get to have fun playing with lots of stuff...heh.....i spent 8 hours on one demo alone when looking for my stereo amp, till 2am!....fantastic evening tbh :)

anyhow, i'm sure others will post some comments worth noting, take the opinions, check out what they say, then go with what your ears and your heart say (and the missus if there is one, never ignore that, or life will become
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