Question New av amp required for incoming 4k TV


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Hi Guys,

I currently have my trusty steed of an Onkyo TX-NR609 which is serving me well, but after just putting a deposit on a 4K TV I'm thinking I need an upgrade.

At the mo, we have Sky Q, (1TB) & a Media PC for some streaming, playing blurays from my server etc running through the Onkyo to the TV for our 7.2 setup.

My Onkyo will upscale to 4k but from what I have read wont take an input in 4k if I understnad correctly so what would you gurus do.

If I run everything into the TV & ARC I will get the picture, but lose out on sound? but then I'll have Netflix from the TV in 4k where available.

As you may tell, it's been a couple or so years since I bought anything as I've been happy with my setup, AE109 floorstanders, KEF front channel, Rel Storm sub, KEF rears & side fill

Any advice appreciated peeps, cheers, Shane


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I'm assuming that the only 4K UHD source that you'll have will be the SKY Q box? You can simply connect this directly to your TV via HDMI and then either passthrough the audio to your AV receiver via either the TV's S/PDIF output or via ARC, or you could convey it to the AV receiver via the SKY Q box's own optical output. This would give you access to Dolby Digital. You;d only need a direct HDMI connection to your receiver if wanting to access HD audio formats, but these formats are not used in association with TV broadcasts and SKY do not use or support them.

If you were to add a dedicated UHD disc player to your setup then it is likely that ths player would include 2 HDMI outputs. You could use one of these outputs to convey video directly to the UHD HDCP 2.2 compliant TV while the second output is used to convey HD audio directly to the AV receiver.


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Cheers for the reply,

Yes at the mo, I believe just the Sky Q. The spec on my media pc says the gpu will run 4k but until I have a TV to try it on I'm not 100% sure.

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Your media PC may well have two outputs, eg DVI / HDMI / Display Port. You could use one to send video direct to the TV, and another to send audio direct to your amp.


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Cheers Steve, I just found that out before you posted, kick a guy whilst he's down lol :)

Yeah sorry about that.
To be honest though, until Sky introduce HDR, the 4K content lacks any real impact. You will have Netflix and Amazon available to you and obviously Sky will upgrade your box, perhaps with a charge, but it’s do-able for when HDR does arrive.

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