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New Armchair Arcade

Discussion in 'General Video Gaming Chat' started by mbarton, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. mbarton


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    Hi, guys, just thought I'd pass along this press release about our new issue. I hope you'll check it out and let us know what you think!

    The editors of Armchair Arcade are proud to announce the release of their sixth issue. This first-year anniversary issue is packed with in-depth and well-written articles on many controversial topics. In "Finish Him!," Mat Tschirgi explores the history of fighting games and laments the lack of innovation in this genre. Matt Barton steps up next with a superb article entitled "Hackers, Slackers, and Shackles," in which he offers a history of proprietary game development and explains why we should quit being "dead-end users" and reclaim the creative origins of computing. Next up is Patty McCabe-Remmell's "A Game of Concentration," in which she makes the surprising claim that videogames offer a promising form of therapy for children and adults suffering from attention deficit disorder. It's well-researched and sure to make you think. David Torre's "Shutting Down Windows" explains why we gamers need to shutdown Windows for good and jump on the GNU/Linux bandwagon. Rounding out this issue is Bill's review of two miniconsoles, the Atari Flashback and the Commodore 64 30-in-1, and an anecdotal piece called "Computer Camp Castrophes" by Mat Tschirgi. All of this, plus another outstanding painted cover by our resident art master, Seb Brassard. We hope you'll check us out and help spread the word!

    Website: http://armchairarcade.com


    The Armchair Arcade Team


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