new AppleTV4k for LG OLED65E8


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Good afternoon everyone,
Could anyone explain if there is any sense to buy a new AppleTV 4k for LG OLED 65e8? What are the benefits (if any)?
Currently, I use TV apps for youtube, Netflix, Disney+ and Deezer. I wonder if the image quality can be better with the new ATV 4k or not?

Thank you.


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The main ones
  • Apple app store which is better than WebOS with more choice.
  • Refresh rate rate switching, so proper 23/24/30Hz output, WebOS app are locked to 60Hz.
  • Full integration with other Apple products.
  • Supported OS with feature updates, WebOS on your model doesn't get that.

If you none of the above matters to you then your fine with what you have.
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In addition to above:
  • If you buy digital movies via Apple on the Apple TV box you get access to extras not available on the LGs on board Apple TV app.
  • I found that when watching Apple TV + programs on the on board app, I’d regularly see a line across the bottom of the screen. I didn’t see that when using a previous version of the Apple TV box.
  • I also generally find the picture quality better when streaming via an Apple TV box vs the on board apps for Netflix etc. I’m not sure if this is due to better processing on the Apple TV box but there’s a definite improvement in clarity / definition to my eyes. This was with the previous version of the Apple TV 4K box which I admittedly sold as I opted for the convenience of the on board apps on the TV or Sky Q box. A decision I am now reversing as I’ve ordered the the new Apple TV 4K box to connect to my LG 65E9 OLED, for the reasons noted above but also to get Apple Fitness, Music etc via the TV.

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