New and used prices for 250x3R Tag amplifier


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Good morning,

do you know how much is the new price for this amplifier?

What is the acceptable price range for a used one?

Regards, Lenny


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Hi Lenny,
I think EU RRP is 7k,
I saw one for 3k and that one was gone pretty fast. Normally they go for around 4k.

Lance H

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According to their website, Sevenoaks Sound & Vision have a new one for sale at their Brighton branch for £2,999.95.


In Germany the RRP is €7k, but my local dealer will sell you one for €6100 if you ask them nicely.
Looks like I should have bought it in the UK.... :suicide:


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thanks for your answers. Rolski : I'm buying a lot of stuff in UK. The market across the channel seems to be much more competitive and efficient than in continental Europe. The exception are the videoprojectors which seems to be more expensive than in France. I appreciate very much the pleasures of beeing in EU... with no more assles at the border.

Regards, Lenny


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If is it not a secret I'll be glad to buy one at that price. There is any left in silver?

Many thanks for your help Polecatpete.


Thanks for the info, i don't know how you managed that price but i was told a firm £3500.00, no less.


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Earlier this month I bought a pair of 250MR's for £1995.....

The same day I installed them my AV192R died and is now back with IAG being repaired... four weeks and counting. And, this was after IAG said "shorter repair time as this is the second failure".

At least the 250MR's have had plenty of time to run-in and seem to be functioning fine.

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