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hi folks

Just abut to start my hc project, bought an Optoma HD200x pj, ceiling mount, blu ray & 234cm panaview pull down - now needing advice on hdmi a/v receiver and speaker set to complement set up, room is around 14feet sq.

Ideally budget around £300 - £400. Any used kit around?

Do I need 7.1 or will 5.1 set up suffice?

My wife likes the idea of flat wall speakers but I'm not sure on sound quality/cost compared to normal satellite ones?

Thanks for any advice.
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To get the most out of your bluray you will want a HD audio amp.
The cheapest is £250 (Onkyo 507) or £280 ( Sony 800). These both work well with Tannoy speakers and you can get the FX 5.1 set for £150 (so just in your £400 budget) or the SFX set for £200.
With your limited budget I would concentrate on 5.1 as trying to spread your limited funds over another 2 speakers will mean lower sound quality (more than cancel out any benefit of 7.1 over 5.1).
I would forget about flat speaker on your budget. They will either be very rubbish SQ wise or be well over your budget.

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