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New Amplifier Recommendations


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I currently have a 26 Year old Hitachi Opus 2 Amplifier
Specs as follows:
Output: 50w + 50w
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.5%
Sensitivity: 40µv(S/N 26dB)
Speakers: Load Impedance 8 - 16 Ohms

£0 - £300

Deep but clear sound for normal listening, and reasonable quality at high volumes for house parties.

I also have posted in the speaker forum about ideal new speakers, so please respond to either (or both!) with your suggestions. Thanks in advance!


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The main contenders within your budget are all listed on the following link in Richersounds sale:
Richer Sounds Amplifiers/Receivers Products

I'm not suggesting that you necessarily audition at RS over anywhere else, but it shows a few possible amps, all which are highly rated at their respective price points. At it's current price of £200, you probably can't go far wrong with the Cambridge Audio 640A v2 amp. The main rivals are the NAD c355BEE (that's the latest model) but it's predecssor the 352 can be bought new for £220, and then there's whathifi's favourite budget amp, the Marantz PM6002.

Alternatively you could look at Arcam's now discontinued models, like the A70 and A80. You'll struggle to buy the latter for less than £300, but the A70 is commonly available 'buy it now' on ebay at the top of your budget. They are probably slightly more revealing than the other models, but perhaps not as exciting. I would say definitely try out the 3 above mentioned models, and if you get the chance, any of Arcam's previous DiVa series too (depends whether they're still in stock in stores)
My opinion is that for value for money, I think the Marantz wins out

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What size is the room and secondly are you looking for floorstanders or bookshelf speakers? also what source are you using

Thanks for all the replies and I will take a look at all amps mentioned. To answer the above questions:

Room size: Not the largest
Floorstandard / Bookshelves: No preference
Source: Usually a CD player but occasionally computer.


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Lol that's not an answer, less then or around 12 ft by 12 ft?, if so, what is your budget for the amp and speakers, or did you mean 300.00 inclusive of everything? and if so would you consider good quality second hand?


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I mean £300 just for the amplifier.
And no 12 by 12 sounds about right
Edit: That Marantz looks really elegant and stylish for the money.
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