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hello all, i currently have a av set up which is perhaps not as musical as i would like. my equipment is,

Yam dsp640se
panasonic pwd6 plasma
nad c541i cd player
monitor audio s6 fronts
monitor audio radius centre and rears

I would like a better amp for music duties whilst still being decent with HC, but without spending any more than £600. I suppose my dilema is is it worth upgrading the amp or just buying a seperate stereo amp? The trouble is i used to run a rotel ra01 in my system (which i stupidly sold!) but was never sure it all intergrated well enough, and true enough when i removed it the movie experience became much more 'rounded'and no messing with different volume controls etc etc.

I have looked at, but not had a demo yet, the nad t752, hk 4550 or the special edition hk. will these give me a respectable stereo performance? maybe even on a par with my old rotel? also, what would the better option be if i were to buy a seperate stereo amp, to connect it through a amp switching unit, therefore not having to mess around with the volume when using the hc, or directly connecting the stereo amp via pre outs on the av amp?

any advice would be very welcome, as i'm sure im not the only one who wished we didnt have to compromise with music and hc.



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Here's my advice - get an Arcam integrated amp e.g. an A75+ (been replaced by the A80 but some dealers still have them going cheap). Why Arcam? to my ears they are brilliant so that's a good start, but the clincher for AV is that you can have a fixed level gain for the AV input from your 640's pre outs - meaning that once it's set up all you do is switch both amps on and set the integrated amp to av and that's it. BTW other integrated amps have this facility.

I have the yamaha rxv1400 and whilst for stereo duties
it's much better than any av amp I've had previously, it's still not as good as my Arcam.


Same with all NAD stereo amps, they can all be run as a power amp.
Myryad MA360 going at good prices at the momment
Power amp For 3 channels (Seen @ £700)
Roksan Caspian 5 channel power amp at good prices too.
(Seen @ £600)

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