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New amp time. Yamaha v775/a830 or Denon 3313?


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Hi folks, after a long spell of not upgrading any of my AV kit, I've just moved house and the new living room is crying out for a redecoration that I've decided will involve new gear.

I currently have a Denon receiver (forget the model, it was new about 6 or 7 years ago and about £600) which I want to replace with a newer and more feature rich model.

I'm currently looking at either another Denon in the shape of the 3313 or one of the newer Yamaha's in either the v775 or a830 (once they're out!). I'm sure any of them will be an improvement on my current amp but I'm unsure what to go for out of these models. The Yamaha's not being out yet doesn't help as reviews don't exist of them!

I want to feed all video via amp so the Denon issue with Sky HD has me a little concerned. Although if the amp was worth it in all other respects I'd connect Sky via TV so it's not the end of the world.

I also want the ability to control amp via iPhone/Pad - where the Yamaha appears to have the better app (based on my own interpretation of reading up on them both).

With regards to speakers that the amp will be working with, I've just replaced my 17 year old original (had from new!) Rel Storm with a Rel 328 and I've got five MA Radius 180's, not the HD versions.

The 180's may get replaced at some point but for now the amp is the main priority.

Any suggestions on which might suit would be appreciated, although again as the Yamaha's aren't out yet, I guess comparing the Denon to the older v773 an a820 might be easier?!

Any opinions welcome as I've read up as much as I can but as I'm just getting back in to all this AV kit I feel a little behind the times so any direct advice would be welcome!



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If you've the funds to buy an RXA830 then I'd suggest you hang on in there until after the replacement for the Denon AVR3313 is launched. The replacement will be the AVRX4000 and this model will include Audyssey's MultEQ XT32 room calibration system. The AVR3313 only comes equipped with XT and not XT32. The new Denon models are expected at the end of this month.

You could also consider the sightly older RXA1020 rather than the 830. The older x20 models have much the same spec as the x30 models that are replacing them so you can get the better spec'd 1020 for the same money the new 830 will cost you?
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Thanks Dante :smashin:

A quick read on the RXA1020 and it does indeed sound like a good performer! I'll give it some more thought. Would you rate the 1020 highly for that budget range?

(I've never had any real complaint with my current Denon but I had a Yamaha DSP A970 way back in the day when I first got the home cinema bug, so could be good to switch back again.)


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Actually one other question...what would the a820 miss over the 1020 and would the a820 be a better buy at £599?

The A820 and the A830 don't really have much more to them than the RXV773 or the RXV775. You just get the additional build quality associated with the Adventage models. The A1020 and higher will have better power supplies and improved power output when compared to the models below them.

The A820 is a slightly better option than the RXV775, but the RXA1020 would portray greater improvements in terms of dynamic power.

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