New amp time! Alexa control possible? wireless iTunes playlists?


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Picked up a Marantz Sr6010. Bye bye 12 year old onkyo (tx-sr508).
Marantz is 7 years old also however has Atmos / Bluetooth to play with, +was only £300.

I'm mainly using with an HTPC (iTunes, soundcloud & YouTube +gaming), but I enjoy the convenience of amazon music via echo dot, esp whilst working/cooking and I'm wondering...

1) what exactly is required to control the receiver with alexa (on/off/switch mode etc)?
-I've read what HiFi article and it only really mentions yamaha musicast.
-I see the newer sr6012 is "Alexa compatible" but with an update, so guessing there's no mic? So Echo dot needed.
-Do the newer denons/marantz actually have a mic built in, no echo dot needed, or they just have like a new dlna that alexa can control?

2) I'm guessing using avr's DAC by sending Bluetooth to avr is better than echo's 3.5mm / phono out?

3) Can the avr's Spotify connect or Airplay enable me to play my iTunes playlists somehow? I have 15+ years of them.
I've heard you can upload iTunes playlists to Spotify.
Option b) guess I could copy iTunes playlists to my phone but man oh man iTunes and android do NOT like eachother. Can't even copy/paste, the transfer apps I've used always have errors. Suggestions?

Currently also trying to get Hi-def audio over hdmi rather than using HTPC soundcards spdif 5.1 (dolby digital live) which is complicated...
Yeah a sr6015 with 120hz VRR / allm passthrough would be great but £1150 is a hard pill to swallow when you can just plug gpu into TV.

Thanks in advance!

P.s tidal / amazon music and every other stream app I've tried seems crap for dj sets and techno in general.


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Hi, I cant answer your questions but have the same onkyo amp and wondered what the improvement in sound is like particularly for music, assuming there is one.


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Hi, I cant answer your questions but have the same onkyo amp and wondered what the improvement in sound is like particularly for music, assuming there is one.
The difference between the two Receivers are vast in truth. Each has their own sound signature which for audio will add a more musical feel to the sound. Of course, some of this will be down to how the speakers interact with the receiver. But almost anyone who was to pitch the two products against each other should notice the tiny Onkyo is the lesser in all performance levels

@slim01, As the Receiver isn't Alexa compatible, I don't think there is any way of integrating it into the unit. As for AirPlay, so long as the amp is on the same network as the AirPlay device you wish to play music from, you should simply click the option on that device and it should automatically switch over to that source. Marantz also mention that it is compatible with Spotify Connect which isn't something I've never used

More of how the newer Alexa Cast connects seems to indicate its integrated into your Alexa system at home via a the Amazon/Alexa app. It's something I haven't tried yet as I'm not a fan of the system Alexa, Google or any of these listening devices (which might sound a little silly, but they're always turned off if I try a product - but hey-ho :rolleyes: )

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