New amp suggestions please. To replace Onkyo 608.


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Just after some advice/suggestions please regarding a new amp to replace my Onlyo 608. Had it a few years now and it's starting to be a bit glitchy so I'm looking to replace it.
All we have is Xbox one, Xbox 360 and Sky HD all using HDMI and then HDMI out to Panasonic ST60 plasma.
Speakers are 5.1 Boston acoustics.
Always been pretty happy with the sound although never had anything to compare it to so not sure if there's better out there. Only gripe could be that the vocals are maybe a little quiet but then when you turn it up and there's an explosion or something it's too loud. New amp must have arc and would be nice if I could connect iPhone to it via Bluetooth for music. Budget is £400/£500. It's not a huge living room and I have no plans to add extra speakers or anything just after a good sound for sky sports,movies, bluerays and bit of gaming. Thanks, Leon

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