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It took me a year to get round to it, but I've just set up my old living room speakers (M&K K Series) in my bedroom. I was reluctant to do this because (as can be seen from my signature) it has given the dreaded M&K/Pioneer combination, which I have been advised would be too bright. However, even though it is a fairly budget amp, my wife and I have been very pleasantly surprised by the improved clarity and quality and depth of bass given by this system. It sounded pretty good before, with my DefTech Pro 80 speaker system, but this is significantly and noticeably better. Mind you, it should be, given the new speaker system is more than twice the cost of the speakers it replaced. In terms of sound quality, it also gives my main system a run for its money! It is obviusly not as powerful, nor is the surround as good (7.1 with tripoles v 5.1 with standard rears). However, I do not believe my main system sounds 4.5 times better (accounting for the relative price difference between my two amps).

I am quite keen to replace my amps and DVD players (when possible) for two combinations, preferably from the same manufacturer(s), to give a similar type of sound in both locations, and to allow me the option of being able to use digital connections for everything ie HDMI and/or Denon Link and/or i-link. (I'm not bothered if the amp and DVD players are from different manufacturers). I had originally thought of going with Denon (though I have been disappointed with their kit in the past), as follows:

Main: A11-XVA/3930
Bedroom: 4306/2930.

I then thought this was overkill, and given my constant need to buy new kit, thought it might prove wasteful, so reduced my sights to:

Main: 4306/3930
Bedroom: 3806/2930

However, given the results of my latest experiment, I am wondering if the new Pioneer amps - AX4ASi and 2016 might fit the bill.

To my ears, my Rotel and Pioneer amps do not sound that different (in terms of movies). I know my Rotel amp is far superior to my Pioneer amp in terms of build/components/capabilities, etc, I am not trying to compare the two. If I had Pioneer amplification in my main system, it would be one of their top end ones. What I am trying to find out is, in terms of sound quality what should I be noticing/looking for, if and when I compare the varioius Denon/Pioneer amps mentioned above.

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