New Amp or get a Yam YSP 2200


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I guys, getting in a bit of a pickle. i have a new 3D tv arriving this week hopefully. My old set up was bought in 2004 and the amp was a Yahama, speakers the Bose double cube 5.1.

The amp doesn't have hdmi connectors and when we moved to our new place in 2006, the sound has always been bass heavy and the speech difficult to hear in certain movies.

My question is this... Will I better just replacing the amp or going for the Yamaha Soundbar? My wife likes the diea of the Yam soundbar tbh, and whilst the reviews are good, is it worth getting ridof the 5.1 Bose set up?


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Get rid of an AV receiver and speakers for a sound bar? Why don't you update the system and get a new AV receiver with HDMI and a decent set of speakers (not Bose)?

I wouldn't buy a sound bar without a demo. I've heard one or two and they're definitely not for me. Maybe okay in a second setup but not in a main setup.

I would also have a tinker with your settings to improve the sound with your present setup. Maybe have a read of the sticky posts in the forum re. bass management etc. and maybe start again with the distances, dB levels etc. to try and solve your current issues.
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