New Amp or Add a Sub?


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I currently have the following audio equipment, configured as 5.0.

AV Amplifier: Onkyo TX-SR577
Front L & R: KEF iQ50 floor standers (bi-amped)
Centre: KEF iQ2c
Surrounds: 2 X Tannoy SFX 5.1 speakers (the sub broke and I kept these)

I'm interested in improving my set up and have a budget of £500.

I've shortlisted the following upgrades and would like the forum's feedback and advice.

Surrounds: 2 X Minx 22
Subwoofer: 1 X Cambridge Audio Aero 9 OR BK Gemini II OR Cambridge Audio Minx X301

The iQ50s have a frequency response of 40Hz - 40kHz at -3dB, so are either of the subs I've shortlisted going to make much of a difference or would I be better buying a new AV receiver?

My room is 3.5m by 4.5m, my system is sited in the corner and the MLP is 3.7m from the screen, diagonally opposite.

Thanks in advance!

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My suggestion would be to upgrade the rear speakers and subwoofer and leave everything else.

Look at something like the a pair of Wharfedale Moviestar DX-2 speakers for the rears and Monitor Audio Monitor MRW-10 sub. You'll have a little left over for a new subwoofer cable and the improvements should really transform your cinema experiences.

If you look for a stereo upgrade, then look at the Rel TZero sub and ask for a Neutrik SpeakOn cable to be made up (you'll still require an LFE sub lead for surround sound)

If you use the Rel, it's a little more complicated to set up, but long term it will worth it


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Thanks for the response, I'll look in to those items, though to be honest one of the reasons I chose the Minx was the size...


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Most of the sound comes out the front speakers and sub. Those minx surrounds won't be a huge upgrade or worth the £200+. Although the rears aren't as essential to tonally match, I'd look for a pair of Kef surrounds to match the front. It'll be an upgrade and far cheaper. Spend the money on a better sub.


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I ran my new Q Acoustics speakers without an sub for 6 months, sounded great.
Added a cheap sub (20 yr old Jamo 8" thing), sounded better..
Just added a BK Double Gem...
Oh my, the difference is off the chart. Main speakers are much crisper, bass is so much better.
Based on my experience, add a sub :thumbsup:

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