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Mar 24, 2006
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Hi right i'm having sky hd installed this week.i have a sony kdl40w200 lcd with 2 hdmi ports and also a ps3 plus a denon 1920 the mo i have a denon 1906 amp(which sounds great).need a new amp asap either the sony strda 1200es or the i love the amp i have got but need new one with come on guys what one is the best out of these 2.amp is manley used for films 80% music 20%.i don't want to get a switcher box as woud mutch rather let amp do it .sky hd will be direct to lcd dvd plus ps3 will go through new amp.
Have you considered putting one of the sources into the TV by component ? my understandings is that given decent component cables you will not notice the difference. I read that some people actually prefer the picture of Sky HD over component.

Seems a shame to get rid of the amp if as you say it sounds great just to get HDMI switching. Also both of those amps will only have 2 hdmi as you say you will put sky directly into the tv then the other 2 into the amp. Maybe better waiting for a while until amps with 3 hdmi inputs are the 'norm' and within your price range ?

Sorry to be boring and suggest saving your money - although instead of buying a new amp you could spend the money on a PS3?
Hi raduv1,

HDMI switching is not the only thing to consider when looking at new amps. If you want to get the highest quality soundtracks out of Blu Ray disks played on your PS3 (e.g. Dolby True HD), then you need an amp that can also process multichannel LPCM sound from the HDMI connection. That's the reason I went for the 3200ES amp over the 1200ES, as it has this key feature. It also delivers awesome sound to compliment my 40W Bravia (I like your taste in gear :smashin: ),

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