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Hi all, i have just got a samsung HD 37" tv ( LE37B652T4WXXU ) and a PS3, now i would like 5.1 surrond sound for it, i have a old surround sound/dvd player which wont play dvds anymore ( HT-THX25 ) which i have been using for the surround sound but i can only have 2.1 not 5.1, so i was thinking of getting a new amp to run the speakers from the old dvd player but have no idea what to get, the speakers are 100w (i think, sorry noob!) and i have a budget of about £100-£150, i also have a sky+ box,

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Firstly the speakers on your Home Cinema set up may not be able to be used by an AV amp. You will need to check the resistance of them first. If they are below 4ohms then you will not be able to use them. Between 4 to 6ohms can be used with the right amp. 8ohm will be OK with any AV amp. I doubt the sub will be able to be used anyway as most of these sets have passive subs. You will need an active sub (one with an internal amp in it) for an AV amp. Without a sub the other speakers will sound pretty poor imho.
Next £100 to £150 is not really enough for an AV amp. You will definately not be able to get a HD amp for this money hence you will not get the best sound from your PS3. The cheapest HD amp is the Onkyo 507 for £250. If you do not mind going secondhand then if you get an amp that does audio over HDMI then you can get HD sound with the PS3 (there is a sticky thread listing all older amps that do this). For your budget new you can get a non HD amp. These are around £150 and are ones like the Sony 500 or Cambridge Audio 340/540R. These will do surround sound with the PS3 but will not do HD audio.
The cheapest sub you can get that will work with an AV amp is around £100 and this will be a minimum you will need. If you can not use the speakers then the cheapest 5.1 set is the £150 Tannoy FX.

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