New amp for Q350/Rel Kitchen setup?


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Morning all,

Thinking of upgrading the amp on my kitchen setup....which us currently:

Chromecast-Topping D50-Marantz PM7200-Kef Q350-Rel TZero

I mostly cast from Spotify (eagerly awaiting Spotify lossless), or the BBC Sounds app , but i also have a Sony UBP-X700 from the living room setup connected to the Topping for CDs, though it rarely gets used. By partner ignores this whole setup, though she'd probably stream via BT if she could.

I'm more than happy with the sound in general, it's fairly stable etc... the only issue is really the amp:

  • As it lives in a fairly confined space - it has a couple of fans drawing heat away from it which are noisy
  • I wonder whether removing the DAC and having a shorter signal path via an integrated DAC/Amp will offer any benefits
  • I'm keen to have an amp with auto-standby for when the kitchen party ends and i forget to turn the thing off and fall asleep

Auto-wake up would be an even bigger casting wakes the amp up, rather than switching the amp on via a smart socket then waiting 30 seconds for the chromecast to wake up as i currently do.

I'm planning on asking RS for demos of some or all of the following, (if allowed these days):

Audiolab 6000a

If anyone has any comments/suggestions/observations I'd love to hear them!




Kitchens are a notoriously difficult space for sound because of all of the hard surfaces so some form of room correction can be very beneficial.

For your use, if the budget can stretch, I can recommend a Lyngdorf tdai1120 - has one of the best room correction implementations you can buy, is superb at blending a sub with main speakers, has Spotify connect built in, has Chromecast built in (for BBC Sounds), internet radio, is cool running even when pushed hard and no fans, digital amp so no need for an external DAC, auto powers off after a pre-set time with no signal, has Bluetooth and Airplay and digital inputs for your CDs.

The Lyngdorf fixed the issues in my kitchen which was so poor it made the previous setup almost unlistenable.


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Thanks @larkone ...looks good, but perhaps overkill for my needs.

As I say, it actually sounds great in here....being a relatively small kitchen/living room/dining room (7.1m x 3.3m) it's a busy space, which a fair amount of soft furnishings over in the living room part of the space, so there's very few if any reflections.

It really is more of a practical issue. As i'm happy with the sound, any amp of similar (or of course better!) quality will do nicely....i figure £400-£800 is more than enough to complement the current setup?

the groundsman

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So it sounds more like an open plan living space. My kitchen setup is used a lot but its not that refined because nothing can really compete with extractor fans, and pots and pans. How would room correction work with that sort of thing :). I have active speakers that wake up when streaming to a Chromecast Audio.

I'm wondering what your most important listening criteria is. Music around the dinner table, or is it not for kitchen time more living room time?


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Hi @the groundsman . I've actually managed to fit a whole, separate AV setup in the living room part of the space, Samsung Q60-Sony Sony STR-DN1000, Kef Q1, Kef Egg stellites and another Rel TZero.

The kitchen has an island which is the heart of the flat....breakfast bar/prep table/dining table & bar all rolled into one, with the Q350s at head height pointing right at me while I chop away, eat, drink, whatever....I spend most of my day here. Yes, I hate putting the extractor on! But waddagonnado?! :)


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I’d go for a cool running power amp and a Topping E30 dac/preamp.

Something like the above would do a fine job and not require your fans to on.

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