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Hey, in a month or two I plan on getting a new amp/receiver. I have never got one before so I said i'd ask for some advice here.

My current setup and all past setups have used all in one surround sound systems, where the sub would have all the inputs then output to the speakers.
Since i will e upgrading my tv etc i said i'd go for a proper setup this time.

My current speakers(while cheap) i find satisfactory for the moment so i will be upgrading them last. They use the 2 wires, you know the +/-(black white), but from what I can see, most of these amps seem to have some sort of component sockect for each +/-, since currently mine have bare ends do i have to add someconnector at the end? Or am I looking at the picture wrong(see below for an example)?

OK now down to business.
Currently I have 32" crt(will be 46" hd lcd), sky(might become hd, but not for a good while), xbox1, xbox360, and basic cd player, Also planing on adding a htpc(media pc)
So my requirents for the amp would need at least 4 optical in(xbox,xb360,skHD and in future PC)
Video input, I could bypass but a lot of amps seem to have(don't know why, easier switching?)
(if so, usual composite,2 component for 360+skyHD, and dvi or hdmi[but only seen these at top of range models])
and the abilty to output to speakers that use bare ended speaker cable.
Also I would like to have 7.1 for future use.
Since I am in ireland I would like to buy from shop on this island, and the best i've seen is richer sounds(belfast).
So limiting my choice from them i see the following
Pioneer VSX916 (€396.99) 7.1, 3 optical inputs etc
Yamaha DSPAX759SE (€749.99) 7.1, 4 optical inputs
or even(if my numbers come up)
Marantz SR8500 (€1549.99) 7.1, 4 optical inputs, 2 dvi inputs

I know there is a big difference in the price, but if its a lifetime investment, i might go for the latter if you think its worth it.
I like the pioneer, seem to get a lot for the price.

So what do e think?
If you see any better on richer sounds let me know.

Thanks for reading:thumbsup:


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About your "bare ends" question:

(Nearly) all receivers have this connection. In the example above the red and black "sockets" unscrew. You then place a bare wire in and screw them up again.

Hope this helps,

Jamie Salter


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ah thanks, I was wondering was it a special connection i never heard of.
I'm used to the cheap kind of connections like

(Speaker grip connector)

About the receiver, is pioneer a good make for recievers? I know they are for other items, not too sure on amps/receivers though.
I see denon ge mentioned a lot on this site(which must mean they are really good :p ) but most of them seem to be 6.1 the most.

Is the Pioneer VSX916 (€396.99) a good amp though, or is it a case that amps for this price just can't cut it. I am buying for the future as i don't plan on buying an amp again for a long long time(unless i get bitten by the bug)


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Ok just noticed this the Onkyo TX-SR674E AV-Receiver, seems perfect(about €800) a little pricey but the hdmi inputs and 7.1 really apeal to me.
I am thinking of getting it from this site but does anyone know of a site which has a base in ireland?(including the north), just don't want the hassle of shipping from england


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In regards to your receiver choice, the Onkyo TX-SR674E will do you fine - have just ordered one myself :D

Although i can't help you with where to buy it.

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