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New amp for Mission 751s


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I have owned my Mission 751s sitting on heavy Mission stands for many years and am not minded to change them. They have seen me through three amps and it's now time to replace a much repaired NAD 3030. I have the speakers biwired (I know! but I was given lots of decent cable and am only runnng the one pair). My usual source is flat and apple lossless files or streaming from Tidal, both through an Airport Express. I have very catholic tastes but I do tend to play a lot of classic album rock (and loud at times). I am seeking two pieces of wisdom from this excellent forum:
  1. Amplifier recommendations, budget is £500 but a bit less would help with 2 below). I do not need AV, just an integrated amp or preamp + amp (only need two speaker outputs if I want to continue to biwire). I have only ever owned second-hand kit so happy for recommndations from the last few years as well as new.
  2. What should be my next upgrade after the amp with a budget of c.£300. I am seeking to fill a living room, including for dancing, so I think my next piece of kit should be a subwoofer (assuming the 751s stay) but also interested in a DAC (or other advice on improving the source). What would you do next?
I would be very grateful for any advice on either of these questions.

Member 778069

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Hi Zak66,

At £499 the Marantz PM8005 is a lot of amplifier for the money.

Marantz PM8005 Amplifier

If wanting to spend a bit less to save some money to go towards your next upgrade you could look at the Marantz PM6005 at £279

Marantz PM6006 Integrated Amplifier

Either of these amps would be a nice match for your Mission’s.

For you next upgrade you could look at a dedicated streaming unit, as your main source of music playback seems to be done in this way.

Marantz make a very capable unit, the NA6005, which not only should be a sonic upgrade over the Airport Express, but also a perfect aesthetical match with the above amplifiers. The NA6005

Marantz NA6005 Network Audio Player

Just a couple of options to get you starte.

Russell - Audible Fidelity


Distinguished Member
I'd recommend this


It has three dac inputs as well as four analogue and a sub output. Everything you need. All this and mighty potent too.

Plus it will cope with any speaker upgrade you might choose to make at a later date.

As for a sub, I'd choose between these two according to budget.



Both are very good and excellent value.

Timmy C

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I loved my Audaiolab 8000A/751 combination when I had it although it's an old amp and maybe something you've tried already. Still plenty about second hand these days though.


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Thank you all for your helpful suggestions. I have gone for a refurbished Cambridge Audio SR20 and a second hand XLS200 sub, so thank you Paul7777x especially.
I'll post again once I've given it a good listen.

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