Question New amp and woofer. Need advise on speakers.


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I recently got a Sony STR-DH800amp and Eltax Atomic sub at the right money.

I set it up last night using one of my Wharfdale Diamonds 9.1s as a center and an old set of Panasonic surround speakers.

Needless to say, it did not sound right.

Very tinny with hard to hear vocal speech. Mainly due to the TV using the L/R more than the center.

I need speakers and my budget demands that I look at the second hand market.

The diamonds I have are way to big for the front L/R . The front has to be wall mounted white or maple and be somewhat shallow, discreet and small in size. .

Im not sure how to match the up a set with a center also. Any recommendations? I guess 200 euro second hand would be my max.

Im also after one of those auto calibration mics if any one is selling.


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What are you using for your front L/R at the moment? What impedance are the Panasonic speakers? If they are from an all in one system then they could be low impedance and anything below 4 ohms should not be used with an AVR.
You really want all speakers to be the same make and model and at least the front 3 the same. Something like the Tannoy SFX or Wharfedale DX1 speakers would be a good option.


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Thanks for your replys. I im ordering a set of monitor audio Bx1s for the front L/R. I got them at the right price new for 75 pounds. I am still looking for a set of rears and maybe a center. Depending on what the BX1 sounds like, I might consider setting up my amp to channel the center into the L/R . In the hope that the TV will sound better. What to you think.

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