New albums this year?


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Feb 12, 2004
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Anyone know who is planning to release albums this year? Anyone good got anything in the pipeline? the way, the word 'good' is open to interpretation......:lesson:
Im not sure but i think/hope the rhcp release an album this year.
Howabout Audioslave?? They must be due a new record...
Originally posted by Floodedstatue
Howabout Audioslave?? They must be due a new record...

Well they did'nt make a new one with their first album, so it would be difficult to tell the difference.

Sorry, but I really dont like Audioslave. RATM great, Soundgarden great. But AS didnt tread any new ground with that first album, seems to be a commercial gathering IMO.
Couldn't agree more. All the more reason for them to prove everybody wrong with the followup though. Not as if there isn't the potential there for something really decent.

BTW, since when did you have to apologise for not liking a band? :D

Originally posted by karkus30
I was being polite :blush:

First mistake sunny jim. Never be polite, always be an arse :D

Hopefully, Tool will be putting something out but I've heard no confirmation it's this year. Just rumours and hearsay... speaking of which, lets hope Hearsay re-form and ptu a new one out, I'm wearing a laser goove in their debut.
I read something at the end of last year that suggested the Beastie Boys may release a new album this year. I won't hold my breath.
There was a rumour floating around that Radiohead were back in the studio over the last couple of months.....may see something more from them by the end of the year.......??
keep a look out for goldie lookin chain. hilarious. a whole album would drive you insane but dipping in and out of the stuff on the website is worth a go

they suported SFA when i last saw them. think they're touring with the darkness as well

have a listen, it'll put you off Newport for life

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