New aerial won't scan Freeview HD channels

Just fitted this aerial in the loft (although just put it in there pointing the right way).

Scanned but no HD channels.

I know I'm not on the optimal transmitter. I've pointed it to Waltham as that's firmly in the East Midlands.
The reason is while my postcode is pretty much on the border Shire-wise, we spend most of our time in the East Mids so want local BBC East Mids news. Not sure if Sutton Coldfield will transmit that as I would assume it will be the local West Mids news (although my TV asks me what region I'm in).

Postcode: LE10 0HA

My TV seems to see channels:
32, 34, 45, 31, 43 and 46.
Not sure which would contain the HD channels but I doubt I'd get them manually if auto tune didn't.
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Hey, wondered if I can jump on this?
It is ALWAYS best to start your own thread so as not to confuse the answers. Ask a moderator to split it up for you and clarity's sake?
LE10 0HA:
Wolfbane estimates:
SC=60dBuV, WBF 41-44 dBuV/m.
Waltham (WBF) is unlikely to work well in a loft due to roof material attenuation.

SC=280degrees(W) 19 miles. WBF=54 degrees (NE) 30 miles.
Freeview predicts SC PSBs green, all others amber; WBF all amber.

"My TV seems to see channels:"
34=WBF D3&4 PSB SDs
45=SC ArqA COM SDs
31=WBF Arq B COM SDs
43= SC BBC A and
46= SC D3&4 SDs

Which proves you are missing a lot more than the HD muxes and receiving off a rear lobe or reflections from the stronger transmitter...
Are you sure the TV is a Freeview HD (DVB-T2 tuner) model (post make and model number, perhaps)?

Point the aerial at SC in the loft and retune - what do you get then?

Local News reports are available via iPlayer if wanted? It might also be possible to have an extra group A aerial to get WBF filter-combined with a SC aerial if you really want to go that route? Diplexer Channel 38 (UHF/UHF) - A.T.V. Poles, Brackets, Clamps & Aerials
Turned the aerial towards the Sutton Coldfield transmitter and got many (not all) HD channels so looks like it's an outdoor installation job.

Although bought another aerial that comes with a plug in booster so may see what happens with that.



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Turned the aerial towards the Sutton Coldfield transmitter and got many (not all) HD channels so looks like it's an outdoor installation job.
There's only two HD muxes.
BBC B, ch40+, at 200 kW erp ex SC and COM7 (closing next year, probably) ch 55 SFN at 56kW (near enough -6dB cf the other muxes from SC).
WBF also transmits COM7 on ch 55 and may be constructive or destructive in interference terms.

Consider using better cable than the :censored: stuff SLX supply in the kit (poorly screened thin coax). That antenna has a claimed gain of 12dB (ref a dipole) but that's a peak figure on one frequency.
Using in gain/loss calcs:
60 (or 54 for com7) + 12 (aerial) -10 (roof materials loss) - 2 (cable/termination) = 60 dB & 54 dB for COM7.
Ideal to a receiver = 45 to 65 dB.
So if on a single TV no passive splitting it should work fine... That it doesn't suggests excessive cable losses or poor cables or dodgy connections.

Loft aerials - A.T.V. Poles, Brackets, Clamps & Aerials
Wiring up plugs, aerials and wall plates - A.T.V. Poles, Brackets, Clamps & Aerials
and other pages on that site is worth a read.
Well, the mini-saga continues.

The new aerial I bought seems okay but not as good as the reviews say.

I stuck it on a bit of decking pole to raise it to where it would be on the wall on the side of the house for testing. Managed to find some channels but no HD ones still. Raised the pole so the aerial peeps over the roof line and it found all the HD channels (including the elusive Cbeebies HD). Then I did the stupid thing of moving it without looking where it was. However it seemed to take most channels from the Sutton Coldfield transmitter but keep the local East Mids BBC 1 variant, which is the ideal situation.

But it seems not to give any gains over a non-powered version and what's more, the small 2" diameter pole won't peek over the roof meaning I have to buy another pole anyway AND then find some sort of 1" diameter to 2" converter so I can mount it safely.

Not sure it's worth keeping now or whether I should go back to an unpowered version to try.

Then it's just a case of finding the optimum position peeking over the roof of the house. It's a shame as the chimney breast is only a metre away but no way am I crawling over to it.

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