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Just hooked this up to my denon a11. It's my first projector but the image qulity is fantastic, up there with my much more expensive plasma. This is on to the wall with keystone needed, the screen will be up tomorrow

Only issue is vertical banding through the picture. This problem is more noticable on certain disc e.g. LOTR:TTT and was rfeally bad watching th efootie from sky by component convertor.

I know this has been discussed elsewhere but i don't understand the adjustments people have suggested. If anyone knows how i can minimise this effect i would be very grateful





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I saw someone say the flicker adjustments help VB, to do those you need to access the "secret menu". Highlight "OSD" in the "Options" and hold down "Select" or "Ok" on your remote until a new menu appears. Go down to "Flicker Adj" and through 6 RGB flicker screens (2 of each colour) left and right adjusts the flicker level up and down to go to next screen. Press Menu when you are done.

This is certainly worth doing to reduce flicker, I'm not sure if it affects VB much, I guess lowering the contrast a little may help VB, best to do that with Avia or similar.


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Pardon the grammar, i had consumed a good couple of bottles of wine.

The problem does not seem to show on some discs E.g. Matrix reloaded, but is particularly noticeable on some tv broadcasts like the footie last night or LOTR:TTT

I've minimised flicker through this menu but VB is still the same. What contrast/brightness/colour levels are people using to minimise this?


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Other peoples settings will do you no good mate, their sources and room conditions will all be different.

The contrast idea was just something to try really as for some people the 0 (default) setting is too high. I was theorising that by toning down contrast and brightness that the difference between the VBs and other parts of the screen would be less apparent. If you've got Avia and or DVE just set it with that, failing that you could try the THX Optimode thingy on recent THX discs.

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