New 7.1 setup - advice wanted


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New setup (7.1) - advice wanted

Hi all
Longtime reader, first time post.
I'm about to move house and want to have a new 7.1 speaker set-up:
What I have so far: Denon x3700
Q Acoustics 3050i floor standing

Now, what I'd like to know is:
1) whether Q Acoustics 3010i speakers would be loud enough to be used as Surround Side and Rear Surround speakers or should I pay the extra and go for 3020i
2) as a possible alternative to the 3010/20i, could I use Wharfedale D300 3D speakers as Surround Side and Rear Surrounds? The speakers are going to have to be wall mounted due to the family dog and the D300 3Ds are nicely angled, but are they suitable as anything other than Front Heights?
3) are two subwoofers really worth it? If I had one, I'd go for the Q Acoustics B12. If I went with two, it would be either the Q Acoustics 3060s or Wharfedale SW-150

Room size is rectangular, approx 8.5m x 6.5m.

Thanks for any advice :)


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1) depends on expected SPL and distance. Just be aware of size limitations. I use 3010i and I was playing music 89db from 3.5m crossed over at 75hz. So if you're close should be fine. Just don't use them full range as that will stress them. 3020i is slightly bigger with bigger driver slightly better frequency response, efficiency and output.
2) you can but again little speakers, poor frequency response and low efficiency
3) dual or multiple subs are one option but those subs are too weedy in that size room. I'd say you be looking at one good sub or two good subs. That is a big room. You'd be looking at two good 10" or 12" ported or high end sealed. I have sw-150 also abd no way is that good enough for your room.
What sort of room is this? I'm guessing not a dedicated room?

Its a very large room so would take some filling really. You'd definitely need some fairly beefy subs in that space as above!

I guess it all depends on what you actually want to achieve / budget / room layout etc.

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