New 65" with shortlist of 3. Undecided

LCD TVs are better value for money at larger sizes. So I'd say the XH9505 is the better buy.
Motion on OLEDs is generally better than LCDs because they have no motion blur, but they can appear to stutter more, and motion settings can help with that. I just don't think it makes a significant difference to go for the HZ1000. If you want better motion from an OLED, best instead to go for the Sony A8.
I suppose I'm trying to exhaust every avenue before biting the bullet and making the wrong choice. I have no doubts the Sony will be what I'm after especially given its on par if not better then my current setup and they do Sony do motion better then Panasonic right?

There's something that is telling me to get an OLED. Must be the buying a new TV and going from LED/LCD to the same again only a bigger size. But the fact some are on par with OLED tells me there's not much point worrying about something.


Sony do tend to have better motion processing than Panasonic but the technology (LCD or OLED) also plays a part. You could argue an LCD TV like the Sony XH9505 handles motion with less mistakes than a Panasonic OLED does, but you can also argue that the Sony will have more motion blur and worse uniformity which can be a bugbear when it comes to motion.

If you are looking for both good motion processing and OLED though, you should consider the Sony A8.

If you are looking for some better bang for buck its really hard to beat the 65" XH9505 LCD TV now though, and I doubt you'll be disappointed.
was watching Cobra Kai last night and took a few pictures as i noticed blooming around the logo's which seemed to be common with the XH9505. I must say it has never really bothered me and i only actually noticed/thought about it after reading owners threads and watching some reviews on the set.

Think I've definitely decided on the 75" 9505 :)


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