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Hi all

I feel the time has come to change my current TV - a Sony W905 55" set. This was a flagship set, back in 2013 when it first came out. It gives a decent picture and has served me well. Thing is, the uniformity isn't that brilliant if I'm honest (dirty screen effect? on grey backgrounds or panning shots) and it has a couple of imperfections and a dead pixel (right in the centre of the screen, very annoying!!) Plus, with a lot of the Smart features now not working (apps been withdrawn) just feel it's time to update.

Hence, I've been out of the loop regarding TV's for years. I've got a budget of around £1,000.

I still tend to watch a lot of SD content via Freeview. However, from reading the helpful 'Buyers Guide' on here, I understand that UHD will likely to produce a much poorer SD image? (The SD images on my current W905 Sony set are very good indeed).

So, I've got four main important points that I want to consider: A tv that

a) Is 55"
b) Displays SD content reasonably well
c) Is a Bright image (My current Sony always seems a little on the 'dull' side)
d) Can connect my external amp via optical

So, can anyone help? Is there such a TV out there that will handle SD content reasonably well? Probably a strange question in the word of UHD/4K etc but I would be disappointed if the SD image from Freeview looked massively poorer than my current set?

Any help really appreciated, thank you.


How far away will you view the TV?

SD image may not be that bad depending on how far away you view since you won't be moving up a TV size. It is certainly not a 4k TVs forte, as even the TVs with the best processing can't offset the fact 4k has 4x as many pixels as HD, 10x as many as SD or more.

If you want a bright TV, the question becomes how bright. Bright for HDR standards you'd need to consider a high tier LCD TV in the guide like the Sony XH9505, Samsung Q90T or Hisense U8Q. If you mean bright enough for SDR content than an OLED will also be fine in most rooms.

Uniformity itself is always better on OLED TVs since there's no backlight like there is on LCD TVs, so to lessen the chance of seeing things like Dirty Screen Effect its best to consider an OLED.

Regarding your last want, every TV includes an optical output.


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LG CX just a little over budget.


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I've been quite surprised how well our 55XH9505 upscales SD content and think it would tick all your boxes if you strike whilst there's still some left. Ideally you'd have a look at one in action (even in a shop just to get a rough idea) as it's really quite subjective and we all put the minimum bar in a different place.


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One week ago got the 49XH505 and have found that some SD looks great but some definitely looks poorer than it looked on previous Panasonic 1080 TV but perhaps deservedly so.
BBC local news is only available in SD (If ITV can do it in HD why can't the BBC?) However the PQ on the local news is as good as it was on the old Panasonic. and as long as not showing local football highlights surprisingly acceptable. However other half has a predilection to want to watch old US comedy on retro channels. Since this content has almost certainly originally been through a 525/60 to 625/50 analog standards convertor and these channels are probably low bit rate they defo look worse on 4K XH9505 than previous Panasonic but which of course was also of smaller screen size.
As you can find from my previous posts over several months I have had reservations regarding upscaling, viewing angles, reflections and SDR brightness in a very daytime bright room. Everything is much better than expected.
What I have now realised is that this TV can sustain a higher brightness whilst maintaining contrast and colour richness and thats in SDR - have yet to try HDR!
I watched the funeral of The Duke of Edinburgh on BBC1 HD yesterday. If anyone doubts the performance of this TV I was amazed at what I saw. It was so sharp virtually 3 dimensional. I felt I could have reached out and added to the castle with grandsons Lego bricks and this is of course still upscaled 1080i. SDR!
So far I would recommend anyone considering buying a top end LED/LCD and possibly any OLED to get an XH9505 while stocks exist.
Even the sound is better than expected!
From my Avatar you will gather that I have now been watching TV for well over 70 years!
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