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New 5.1 speaker setup - size questions


Active Member
Good day all,

I'm sorry about this one but I like to plan things and hopefully get some advice on a few things that could muck up my plans. Having read these forums for years I figured it was time to get some proper AV kit in my front room (granted on a small budget).

My TV choice is up in the air it's between the Sony HX903 and the Philips 9705 but I am in no rush, and with CES in Jan I may just wait to see what else is new.

My Amp choice is either the 508 or 608 from Onkyo

Speakers are Q Acoustics 2000 5.1 series. I saw these in the shop and they were a lot bigger than i thought they would be.

Added into the mix will be a Sonos Zoneplayer.

Now I'm fairly (well I like to think so) good at Tv's so you will be happy to hear I don't need any help on that one:)

My real question is about the sound setup, I have never owned / configured an amp and speakers before and I would hate to go overkill or be too tight on the budget for my particular circumstances (eg. My front room layout)

I have attached a rather poor drawing of my front room (that isn't side show bob it's a Yucca plant!)

The S's are proposed sites for my Q Autistics and the Red S is the Sub-Woofer.

As you can see the entertainment side of things is shoved down one end I have a sofa that faces a 2.1meter recess in the wall that houses a 2 meter wide av cabinet that will have the TV on it.

I sit around 2.7 meters (that's about 9 feet) away from where the TV will be.

My questions are as follows:
1. Is my speaker choice completely overkill for the space I am in while watching TV?
2. Does it matter where my sub-woofer goes? If not can it go near a speaker?
3. If everything looks ok are the Q Autistics a good match for the Onyko and how well do the speakers handle music playback?

I would point out the majority of the content I will watch will have a surround sound audio track but I am by no means an audiophile I even rip my cd's at 128!!!! :laugh:

Thank you in advance for any hints / tips / advice.

Feel free to be brutal if you know of something better for much the same money then I will certainly listen :D



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The QAs will be fine for the space you have and they are about the smallest speakers I would use for music (anything smaller will be compromised for music playback).
The sub does not have to be placed in any particular point but they can interact with a room so can not be placed anywhere in the room. There is no reason not to place it next to one of the other speakers (mine is placed just inside my front right speaker).
The QAs will work well with the Onkyo.

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