New 5.1 setup for Conservatory


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Nov 18, 2005
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Hi everyone, hope you can help me with this

I've just had a conservatory built at the back of the house, it's more of an extension really as it has two full height walls at either end and glass frontage with polycarb roof, it measures 5mtrs across and 3.5 metres deep

I have moved my home cinema kit into it but there's an issue with my current speakers, they are too big to fit onto the shelves at the top of each wall and far too big to wall mount without looking way to obtrusive

I need to replace the speakers as soon as possible for something with a lot less impact, my current speakers are a Gale 30 Series Centre with 30 Series Floorstanding Left / Right speakers and Gale Mini Monitors for the surrounds

I don't have much cash left after buying my new TV (Samsung LE40M87) for the speakers and I am currently looking at either the Yamaha NSP110's or the Jamo A102HCS5's

I don't want to spend more than £100 but could stretch to £150 max if necessary, any opinions on the above or alternative suggestions ? :confused:
I have the yamaha nsp110 speakers in my conservatory and its ok for the kids ps3 and the odd film, upstairs in my bedroom ive got the jamo speakers which are much better in every way compaired to the yamahas.
Buy the jamos.
Thanks Andy

I was leaning towards the Jamo's from reviews alone although the Yamaha's seem far from shoddy, looks like I'll be buying the Jamo's though

Thanks for the reply

Anyone else got any thoughts ?

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