Question New 4k led or stick with old 720p plasma

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I currently have a old HD 720p 2007 lg 60 inch plasma, tempted to upgrade, but often see people say plasma still offers the better PQ , my main source will be 1080, should I stick with my plasma or take the plunge!

Slow village internet and only free view

I still like the old plasma PQ, but it does seem after 9 years of use a new TV is due.

I'm thinking of going to a 65 inch, maybe try a bargain priced Hisense at £715 via John Lewis for the 5 year warranty price matched with crompton and Moore.

Or maybe the 10bit 7000 Hisense model

But the budget can stretch to around 1k

Advice welcomed :)


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Go and take a look at the Hisense as I think that would crystalise your decision. TVs have come a long way since you LG plasma. I went from a top of the range 2012 Panasonic 1080p to a budget 2015 Panasonic LED LCD UHD panel and the PQ improved markedly on the budget LCD.

I'd be tempted to save a little more and go for the Samsung 65" KS7000.

You should see a sizeable drop in the prices for 2016 models in January as a lot of the 2017 models will be revealed at CES.



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I would stick to a plasma but not the plasma you have. Last generations plasma still look better than todays leds

just wondering

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Its a tough choice.....but a ebayer has contacted me , my old 60 inch is sold subject to collection has been a wonderful 9 years !


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Swapped from A Panasonic VT20 which I really liked to a Samsung KS7500 & Love new set.

just wondering

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Well as you're about to

What price did you pay and where did you decide to buy from?
I went with John Lewis in the end , they priced matched against Crompton and Moore at 1029 delivered with a 5 year warranty .

One benefit of John Lewis is that for example if the price drops within 28 days of making the purchase on their website , e.g boxing day sales , then if you contact John Lewis they will give you the difference back EVEN if you price matched this time of year it is a nice extra bit of peace of mind....! So I shall keep a eye out for price drops in the sales....hopefully to 899 !!! :)

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