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Question New 49"/50" TV - Bright Room


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Hi All. Hoping to get some advice. My father-in-law is looking for a new TV and I've been trying to navigate the VA/IPS/UHD/HDR minefield...
  • Maximum screen size possible is 50" due to its position in the room
  • Viewing will be 60% TV / 40% Streaming (Netflix + Now TV)
  • Room is always brightly lit
  • 2nd person view off axis, maybe 30-40 degrees
  • Budget up to £500
  • Currently TV is a Panasonic 42PX80 Plasma
Its because of the bright room / viewing angel points I think IPS might actually be better in this scenario, however coming from a plasma I worry IPS might look 'washed out'.

Any recommendations? One option I saw was the Samsung 50NU7400 which can be had for £459 from John Lewis. Would welcome your expertise.


You'll have to make the painstaking decision of which is more important, better overall picture quality from a VA type panel or better viewing angles from a TV with an IPS panel.

The negatives of an IPS panel though aren't as noticeable a lot in bright viewing environments though where you cannot notice so much that the screen is less uniform or that the blacks aren't as dark, so given you said the room is always bright I would not worry about that so much.

For your uses and size of TV you may find though that there are better options than the Samsung you mention:
  • Any TV with a 50" panel is going to be using a VA type panel, unsuitable if you want the widest viewing angles.
  • Poorer quality material does not look fantastic when upscaled on larger TVs, especially if it has to be upscaled to UHD resolution instead of HD, for this reason you may consider instead getting a HD model rather than UHD one. I try not to mention this but since I know NowTV is only compressed 720p quality and regular TV isn't that great (especially if not watching the HD channels) - then this may be important to you.
  • If you want to consider a HD model, for your needs LGs LK range (filter by LED TV) would be perfect for you. They may only be HD but they still support receiving a HDR signal, much like UHD models.
  • If you want to instead go UHD, for example you care more about Netflix looking better than you do about Now TV and Regular TV broadcasts, you will be better off trying to source something in the the guide here: My best value TVs, 2018-2019 Edition
LG SK8500 and Panasonic FX750 would be perfect in this case if you can soon find them in clearance discounts near to your budget.
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Hi Dodgexander. Thank you for your reply, very helpful. I think a UHD set might be better for 'future proofing' and Netflix. Currently got a few on the list to look at further:
  • PANASONIC TX-49FX700B - £599 (although we'll need a different stand)
  • LG 49UK6470PLC - £399 (budget option)
  • LG 49SK8500PLA - £699
  • SONY KD49XF9005BU - £849
The Panasonic FX750 is coming up at £899, more than the Sony which I understand is one of the better sets around this price range?

I believe the top three are IPS and the Sony a VA; but as you say, in the room it will be used in (bright and with a need for wide ish viewing angles) it probably isn't that important.

Also any ideas if you can normally output sound via 2 of the following outputs at the same time? HDMI ARC/Optical/headphone jack - The reason is it will probably have a soundbar connected via ARC and then headphones via the optical/headphone jack for one of the viewers who prefers using headphones. I know it possibly varies set by set but generally speaking, is this normally possible?

Thank you again for all of your help.


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The Panasonic TX49FX750 will output audio from ARC and optical and headphone at the same time.


The Panasonic shouldn't be that expensive. If its for sale at that price either it won't be long before its reduced back down again or somehow they are running low on stock.

For example here at Cosco: Panasonic 49FX750B 49 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV its £650.

If buying from Richer I'd definitely try to haggle that price down, no way should you pay £900 for it.

As for your question regarding the outputs, usually all outputs are active at the same time. I'm not sure I have heard any TV muting its output if another is plugged in.

The LG SK8500 and Panasonic FX750 are about equal in my recommendations, the Panasonic's strength will be its picture processing whilst the LG, its smart TV.

As for the other TVs:

FX700 - Really not worth £600 when it has the same spec as the cheaper LG.
UK6 LG series - At 400 it is decent value for your uses.
XF85/XF87 series - shouldn't be contemplated really unless you don't mind having narrow viewing angles.

I'd say its definitely worth spending extra on an LCD that has local dimming like the SK8500 or FX750, it will help add contrast to TVs that tend not to have good native contrast ratio's.


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As for your question regarding the outputs, usually all outputs are active at the same time. I'm not sure I have heard any TV muting its output if another is plugged in

Just for info, it's rare and a stupid “feature” but I've came across a few models of LG, Samsung and Panasonic (particularly rare of Panasonic) which mute the internal speakers if the optical out is used/selected.


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Hi All, just wanted to say thank you for all of the help and information. My father in law ordered the Panasonic 49" FX750 for £650 and is really happy with it. Had to turn off a lot of the motion processing to avoid 'juddering' in fast motion scenes but other than that its perfect, miles ahead of my Sony W80 from 2016. He upgraded Netflix sub to make use of the 4K and its really quite impressive! Thank you all! Especially Dodgexander!!!


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Glad you like it, that's a great price you got it for.
Like you I upgraded my daughter's Netflix subscription to get 4K and I'm really impressed with the picture, “The Crown” is sublime in 4K.

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