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I am due to be moving to a new house shortly, as such I now have a need for a second TV. I used the advice given from here ten years ago to purchase a panasonic plasma which has been great.

I am looking for a 40" TV, it will be mainly used for Sky HD but specifically want it to be good for sport, to be honest I don't know where to start as there are so many options available and my knowledge of LCD TVs is very poor. My budget is £500-£750, if anyone could give me some suggestions of TVs to look at that would be great.


If you are limited to 40 I would see if a FHD tv like the Samsung J6300 or Sony w75xc is still available.

Otherwise something like a Samsung K5500 or Sony WD750 might be fine.

There's little point in a UHD tv at that size and for most people motion on even the second two tv's I mentioned will be fine.

No need to spend that much when it doesn't really buy you better quality.

PS a second hand plasma will best any LCD for motion so if you really want best motion you might want to consider that.


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Thank you for the suggestions, i will look at them.

One thing I forgot to add, I am tempted to upgrade to SkyQ, it is my understanding that they do offer some UHD sources, would that change your recommendations at all given my TV size requirements?

Also are there any drawbacks in watching UHD on TVs that don't support this?



No, don't get Sky Q unless you can sit close enough to your tv to benefit from UHD. That is a mistake a lot of people make and something Sky don't tell you.

See: TV Size to Distance Calculator and Science

For most people this means even with a 65" model you need to sit very close. Twice as close as recommended to fully benefit from FHD.

It makes UHD look pointless for most 65" TVs, let alone 40-43" models...that is unless you sit right up close.


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Been doing some looking this weekend, the other half has stated that she doesn't mind which TV however she would prefer it to be black.

Anyhow, looking in curry i noticed these two: Sony KDL43WE753BU, this one mentions that it has HDR, would I benefit from this? There was also the Samsung 43M5500, I was just wondering how they compared to the ones you have already mentioned, they are both FullHD only but they do seem to be newer versions?

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