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New 3805 vs Used A11

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by michael.redfern, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. michael.redfern

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    Oct 14, 2003
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    Come on then those-in-the-know, opinions invited: -

    £900 (ish) to spend on a new integrated. Options at this point are obviously wide, but I'm weighing up the virtues of a new Denon 3805 (online for £780, so change from £900), vs a used A11 (from ebay say). The 3805 has the advantage of more up to date processing, and the auto setup routine, but other than that, the specs are virtually identical. Given that the A11 used to retail for double the 3805 only a few months back, what are the relative pros/cons of each? I'm ignoring other benefits such as dealer support and a warranty for now!

    Ideas? Or do I hang on yet and let my ears be pursuaded by maybe a Marantz 8500, or a Yamaha 2500? :confused:


    ps. You'll notice the mish-mash in the footer of stuff I'm planning to almagamate into something more coherent. Used to be a 2-channel nut, but my tastes have changed and this lot doesn't float my AV boat. No shortage of impact, but my dad's £300 all-in-one sony job has a more homogenous soundstage and balanced timbre.
  2. Arcangel


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    The A11SR doesn't have the AUTO EQ, Video Upconversion, Dolby PLIIx, Master Audio Delay (for Lip Sync), Burr Brown 24 Bit 192KHz Dual DAC's for each channel, AL24+ Processing for all channels or the Power Amp Assignment feature (I think the USA version of the A11SR has this though). The advantage that the A11SR has over the 3805 is more potent amplification (THX Ultra certified) and it also has THX Post Processing (if you want that).

    Depends whether you want all the latest formats or not. I'd be leaning more towards the 3805 to be honest.

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