New 28zd26p Tomorrow



As i said in the other thread iv had new problems with my tosh.

Can all the owners of this set please check something on their sets so i wont be even more disappointed tomorrow when the new one comes.

When watching anything on the tv that is fairly bright and you have the picture settings menu up on the screen, does the edges of the menu wobble about as the picture brightness changes? On mine (before it exploded) the menu was blooming about 2 or 3cm!

Is this just a "feature" of the set or is it a fault?

Any help from xxZD26 owners would be great.
32" version. no wobble.

My 28" is ok ( should be only came back from being fixed yesterday ).
the 28s seem to have a few more problems with them. or the owners are more picky ;) :laugh:

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