Question Never owned an amp before. How do I chose which one?


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Been looking into replacing my current all in one home cinema system with a separate amp and speakers but I'm unsure what it is I need.

Here's my current set up:

Pioneer Kuro (looking to replace this with an oled 4K).
Sony Blu Ray player and 5.1 surround
Sky Hd box
HDMI splitter (which shares sky with Pioneer and a further 2 tv's)
Apple TV

I live in a bungalow so it isn't a problem to install ceiling speakers. Any help with the amp and spec I should be looking for will be greatly appreciated.


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That's a really broad question, and some more information would enable people to offer advice.

Do you have a budget in mind?
Do you intend to use the system for music too?
Do you want Dolby Atmos? (I'm guessing you might as you mention ceiling speakers)/
Do you want DTS:X?
How big is your room?


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I was thinking around £1000 for the amp and speakers.
I don't intend to use it for music so it's not a high priority.
Dolby Atmos would be good yes.
I'm not sure what DTS:X is!
The room is about L x5m W x4m.


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Really difficult to know what to recommend, everyone seems to have their favourite manufacturers... for example, I've always liked Pioneer receivers, others swear by Denon, Marantz, yamaha etc.

If music isn't a priority, smaller speakers (along with a sub) will do the job as the room is an average size.

Might be worth looking at some of the separates package deals that Richer Sounds do, better still, go along and have a look if there's one near you.

It's "Black Friday" next week, so there will be some bargains to be had from various dealers.

If you're thinking of going for Dolby Atmos, don't forget to budget for two additional speakers... oh, and a pair of speaker stands for your front left and right.

DTS:X is similar to Atmos, it adds overhead speakers.
As yet there aren't any receivers with DTS:X as it hasn't officially been released yet, but several receivers are "DTS:X Ready", and it will be added via a software update.


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Just as an example you could go for something like this.
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If your budget is around £1000 for reciever and speakers i would definately consider the DEnon AVR-X2200W if you want atmos and DTS:X just look round for inc. speaker pakage.

DTS:X is due to be launched at the beginning of next year to rival Dolby Atmos.


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From personal experience, at lower levels the differences between amps are tiny.

As such, I would suggest having a hunt around for sales/discounts and try and find the best bargain you can find. Christmas sales are incoming.

Think about the number of speakers you really want and focus on amps with that number of channels. Buying a 9.1 channel amp when your only going to run 5.1, means your wasting part of your budget on amplification you don't need.

Think about upgrade path and whether you feel you will want to do incremental or big bang upgrades. If incremental, easiest way to upgrade an AVR is to add a power amp to the front speakers, so try and find one with pre-outs at least on the front 3 channels.

If your going for 4k TV, then make sure it has HDCP2.2 and HDMI2.0a, but other than that, I think you will be fine.

What about streaming, do you need it or do you have it covered by other devices, any specific streaming services you are interested in.

Not a lot of help I know but hopefully help with the thought process.

Darren Batty

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Have a think about the denon 1200W has the DTS-X and Atmos and for £350 - gives you more to spend on your speaker package when compared to the 2200w


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Went to Richer Sounds today to get the gear.

Went for the Denon AVR-X2200W - £499
Mission M3 Cubed 5.1 speaker package £495
Cambridge Audio SS10/C155 Ceiling speakers - £149
Sony BDPS3500 Blu Ray Player - £69

And of course the 6yr Supercare on the Amp.

Just got to look for a TV next. Looks like it's only Curry's who offer the LG OLED 4K in flat screen - £2249

Thanks for the input.

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