Never owned a TV - couple of choices (Sam. TU7100/His. A7500F)


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As the title states, I have never owned a TV before so not really sure what to look for but I don't want/need anything fancy and have narrowed it down to two choices:

The Samsung TU7100 43"(£329) and the Hisense A7500F 43"(£379). I'll probably be wanting to stream stuff from my desktop so whichever one is more amenable to that type of thing the better (short of getting a firestick, etc). Both don't have DNLA so I'm not sure how this might affect it...? I guess they'll both have VA panels so ill have to put up with the narrower viewing angle (or else up the budget).

I had quick look in Currys at 2 similar models and it was quite noticeable how the Hisense model had more juddery motion and the Samsung was smooth (trailers for 1917, etc)... almost like it was at a higher refresh rate. Either which way I prefer the smoothness of the Samsung but wasn't sure why there would be such a dramatic difference in the fluidity of the picture....?

Any help, greatly appreciated.


Maybe the last best buy guide I made helps you narrow down TVs?

You have to take some steps before picking out specific models. Namely which Which panel type should I choose for my TV?

Other bit of advice would be to avoid purchasing right now since prices are currently high. You are best waiting for Black Friday or later for the best deal. The best time to buy a TV (Not Prime day)

Closer to the day I'll have a new best buy guide out, until then I can't recommend purchasing any 2020 models since they are presently overpriced.

You may also want to consider a couple of other things. 1. Never judge a TV from what you see in the shop. Too many variables will throw you off. 2. I'd generally avoid purchasing from Currys and instead focus on a retailer with better customer service like John Lewis or Richer sounds.

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