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Never happy with my earphones.


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I've got a few new pairs of earphones or "in ear" heaphones, and I'm not happy.

I have the Sennheiser MX90 VC as they were on offer on play.com. I'm very happy with the sound however when the volume is turn down from max the high end faids and dulls very quickly, plus I find them incredibly uncomfortable and can't wear them longer than 15 minutes.

I have the Sennheiser CX300 from play.com, however they sound very muffled and I'm convinced they're fake(play trade £7.99) even though every site I've been too confirms they're genuine. I've tried all 3 size ear pieces and bass dominates on the larger 2 sizes and its sounds too tinny on the smaller size.

I have the Sennheiser MX300's free from Richersounds and I love the detail they give me, however they fell cheap and have no bass or lower mid range.

I'm with the original ipod headphones mkII which is killing (not physically) my ears and the moment. Can anyone recommend any earphones that sound like the MX90 VC but don't suffer from top end fade and are real comfy.

I'm willing to spend a little more but I want them to be real good. I'm wanting a very neutral sound, is that a monitor earphone?

Many many thanks in advance.


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I've only had them a few days, the most I've worn them is about 20 minutes, because there's always something to do (so the wife tells me).

Search these forums for them, there are quite a few followers, they'll probably have more experience with them than I do.

Random Precision

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I haven't tried them yet, do you know if they're comfy for long periods of wear - 3.-4 hours?
I have a pair of Shure SE 530's and find them very comfortable over extended periods of wear. The SE110's should be just as comfortable, well worth a try:thumbsup:


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How much are you willing to spend and do you need the isolation of in ear?

When pay day pops around I'm thinking about £50-£60. I like the looks of the Vibes, anyone heard anything about them?

I'm not concerned whether there is isolation or not, my main concerns are audio quality and comfort.


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If you can stretch a bit further then the Denon C700s for £65 delivered. If you don't like the standard tips then you can add the comply t400s.


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Ah - this one is an easy question. Cheap as chips in-ears with great sound and comfy... well get out your CC and spend 20 USD (yes thats right its including postage) and buy yourself a pair of these beauties (I liked them so much I bought 2 pairs!) :-

Read all about them and the offer here :


and buy them from here :


at 20 USD you won't have to pay import taxes, and with the csash you say you can buy some more cd's - so go on, buy 2 pairs - one for best and one for everyday wear!


PS unless the Sehn's were bought and delivered from Sehn, then yes there fakes - I don't think its possible to buy a real one on-line!


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Just ordered a pair of these headphones from Focalprice and got a E Mail confirmation within 20 mins from them.
Anyone else take the plunge with these phones.


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Just ordered a pair of these headphones from Focalprice and got a E Mail confirmation within 20 mins from them.
Anyone else take the plunge with these phones.

After reading this I couldnt resist, theyre only £11 so you cant really go wrong! Im guessing delivery will take forever though having read the headfi comments...


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I'm the same with my headphones. I can't seem to find a pair which I like. I've had the CX300's for 3 years or so now. I keep on buying new what I think are good headphones but I keep on going back to the CX300's.

Just got a pair of SE110's, which have lasted longer than the others. Looking for a new pair again. I think I have a problem!.

Now going to get either Beyerdynamic DTX50 or Denon AH-C551. Can't decide.


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Still not rec'd mine and I ordered 14 days ago, also had my card duped online if thats any coincedence?[/QUO

Sorry to here about your Credit card.

About the headphones, Was reading on another Forum that a lot of the people that ordered them are complaining about the delivery time, but the good thing is that the headphones do arrive eventually :thumbsup:
I also have ordered a pair,so lets just wait and see.


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I recieved 2 pairs I ordered from them last week. It seems the 'shipping' e-mail measn nothing. Mine took 14 days to arrive, and the postdate indiacted that they actually spent 4 days getting to me.
Seems FP had a huge order, and basically ran out of stock, so looks like a little delay bummer :-(
Why dont' you try a Westone UM1? I've never used them but I hear they're good at your pricepoint. Alternatively, if you do want a pair of earbuds cos you think canalphone/iems are uncomfortable, i recommend Yuin PK1/PK2

Sam Vimes

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I've had big issues with in ear phones for many years. I'd almost given up on getting anything particularly listenable. I've got Sennheiser domestic cans and folding PX200s for the MP3 player that I'm very happy with but I've been deeply unimpressed with the OMX 90VCs that I've got. After getting sick of sending good money after bad and always being unsatisfied I took some advice. I was still hedgeing my bets and budget but I've ended up with some Goldring GX200s. I'll admit that it's very early days yet as they only arrived this morning. However, since around 9am I've been dredging the depths of my MP3 player and so far I'm over the moon with them. For the first time ever with in ear phones I don't feel like I've been mugged.:clap:


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They've arrived!!

Good news is that they sound fantastic, and getting better with use.

When I first got them I thought they were faulty but I hadn't put them in properly, they require a twist to fit.

The sound is incredibly well balanced I'm hearing details I didn't know were there before. Had a quick try again with my CX300s and they sound baffled so never using those again.


Hier to all interested,

Mine have arrived. There the best earphones i have ever had. But i have never had any good ones. Ive tried the bass setting and it detracts away form the balance you get when its not on.

Its true that the way they come out of the slightly dodgy box is proberly best for most with the meduim fitting earpeices and base boost as off.

They may well be fake but the box is more convincing with light shon on it as its reflective.

One of the sets of earpeices was different sizes but you have enough to choose from.

I was going to buy the denon c551s but took a gamble on these. Im glad i did as i dont think you can better than these at this price fake or not.

Sound magic do state about providing high quality earphones at unbeatable prices so maybe they are legit.

My conclusion is that if you want much better sound from your mp3 phone or player than the standard earphones you get with phones and mp3 players/ipods like i do and want it at a great price and are not an obsessive audio nut then these fit the bill perfectly.

Hope this review helps you wont regret getting these even as spares or as a stopgap between better products.

And they are yet to run in yet 2.!


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