Never Fear - LBP May Be Near!


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For all you lot who dont have keys, this may be the news you've been waiting for.

Sony Plans To Turn Closed LBP Beta Into Open Demo

Everyone is going absolutely nuts over the LittleBigPlanet beta, as multiple gaming sites all over the Internet are giving away thousands of access codes. But you may not have to get lucky if you wish to play the game before its October 21 release date...

According to reliable inside information delivered by a reader, it seems Sony plans to open up the beta testing during the final week to give everyone a shot at it. Essentially, they produce the closed beta to generate hype and interest, and then open it up to the public in the form of a playable demo a week before the game launches. The tipster in question posted the following in the forums-

"If you don't get in, don't worry. They are supposed to be opening up the public beta for the final week. Last I heard they were still planning on doing so, this closed beta is just there to generate a bit (a lot) of hype for the game before it releases. Basically they are talking about turning the limited time closed beta into a demo for the week before launch. It is easier to do this than to release a demo."

This info evidently comes straight from SCEE, and if that's true, there's no denying its validity. The concept makes perfect sense to us, too, so we're going to say we're about 95% certain this rumor will be proven correct very soon. For now, we have to say its unconfirmed, but we're definitely leaning towards "truth" rather than bogus. Thanks to our loyal reader for letting us in on the details; we agreed to keep this quiet for a while to keep the beta hype high, but now that hype is un-killable. So we figure it's safe to tell ya about this now.



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Of all the places where that post could have been made it was made at


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good to hear, the more playing the better :thumbsup:

also glad to see the rhyming thread topic catching on, i think this should be a rule for all LBP threads! ;):rotfl:


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dont think id bother playing this in the final week, why play all the begining levels and tutorials to have to play through them all again a week later when you get the final game :thumbsdow, i can understand playing the game like some of you have a couple of weeks before realese,and if i get us lbp key sometime today ill play, but if dont get key ill just wait till game comes through my letterbox


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did all the tutorials again, actually only took about 30 minutes in one hit if that, so not even worried about doing them a 3rd time now :smashin:


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I hope this happens, mainly because it will stop more people selling there codes on Ebay.

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