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    It's getting pretty messy now in my AV setup. I have 2 DVD players (One with DiVX playback capability one is a quality Tosh that is region free and macrovision removed), 1 Pioneer DVD recorder, 1 Freeview box, 1 Sony AV amp, a PC with S-Video TV out and SPDIF out and 1 widescreen TV with 1 RGB in SCART. I use a 3 way SCART switching box to pump the 2 DVD players and Freeview box into the DVD recorder AV2 input. The DiVX deck and Freeview box are sending RGB and the Toshiba DVD player is sending S-Video (I'll come back to that in a moment). The PC S-Video is run through the Sony AV amp and back out to a PS2 A/B switching box (Had to break the plastic bit in the S-Video cables to fit the PS2 fittings. Was cheaper than buying a proper S-Video switching box at the time. The reason I have fed through the Sony AV Amp to the monitor out is because it seems to filter out some interference from a direct connection from the PC S-Video cable. On the PS2 splitter box A) goes to TV S-Video in on the TV and B) goes into the S-Video in on the front of the DVD recorder. I also have analog stereo coming from the PC to the stereo in on the front of the DVD recorder. This allows me to record directly from the PC (Since the AV amp does not have any way to send a SPDIF digital signal to analog stereo out or I'd use that).

    With me thus far? ;)

    OK some may wonder why I am sending the S-Video from the PC to a PS2 splitter and not straight through the DVD recorder S-Video in (Via the Sony AV amp to filter out noise as stated)? The reason for this is because DVD recorder has to be messed around with in order to recognise an NTSC signal (You have to switch the line mode and AV2 in mode to S-Video) which would to me is annoying if I juist want to watch and not record. I watch all PC S-Video out in NTSC mode to avoid jerky playback of NTSC material (Which is the majority of what I have on the PC). I also prefer correct running speed as I have pitch perfect hearing. If only the DVD recorder auto detected NTSC in and auto switched!

    Right. Back to the Toshiba DVD player. It would be cool to be able to record from that deck to the DVD recorder since it has no macrovision and region nonsense. However the DVD recorder only allows recording of NTSC video (When set correctly) in S-Video mode and not RGB mode. SO that is why that is set to S-Video out.

    I wish I did not have to use the PS2 switching box at all. But even though my Sony AV amp has an S-Video monitor (Could have just sent this to the TV) and S-Video in and out on Video 1 (Could have sent S-Video from PC TV out to S-Video in on Video 1 and used S-Video out on Video 1 to send to DVD recorder so the AV amp acts like a splitter), it has no digital audio on Video 1 (Damn!). I cannot watch video on Video 1 from PC and have digital audio.

    Someone needs to make an affordable box that has a crapload of ins and out in various formats (SCART, S-Video, Composite, Component, digital and analog audio etc) which automatically deals with all the standards crap :)


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