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Nov 4, 2002
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As a keen DIY cable maker i recently bought 2 packs of neutrik profi phono connectors, as i thought being rather expensive at 9.99 per pack:eek: they would also be good.

I feel i have been robbed, as the cable 'chuck design' is rather poor as with a 6mm diameter cable even the black chuck does not allow the back shell to be tightened up fully without damaging the cable. If not fully screwed up the gap is unsightly and the back shell is very liable to unscrew with minimum effort. Also a forceful tug can also pull the chuck trough the back shell:eek:

2) the ground and centre connectors are perilously close and do not promote easy soldering like so many other connnectors at one fifth of the price.

3) Also parts of the body shell are unpainted at each end although this is very minor the overall quality is not worth 5 pounds a piece.

[end rant]

Does any one care to post about their favourite phono's for me to try out

I've only used one lot from my local electronics place, cost about £3 for the pair. Not great but not bad, see my thread for piccies. What design are you using??? care to share??

YES BUT they work better than any RCA I have tried outside the Kimber ultra plate. The are brilliant for people who hot swap cables and are well build. For me they are the second or third best RCA connector around. They are not difficult to solder but just need care but all quality plugs do. In this respect they are no different.

Best are Kimber or Eichman both are much more money. WBT are down the list before anyone asks.

I think you are being a little unfair on this little plug.
Ok maybe i was a little harsh on the neutriks maybe i will persevere a little longer.

Anyway in the past all of my phono plugs have been purchased from maplin electronics online. I have used the 'metal barreled for large diameter cables', 'gold plated plug' 'gold plug with spring relief' 'plastic plug with strain relief' and shark audio phono plugs with metal barrel.

The best are the shark audio ones, very high quality build and only 5£ for 2.

When making some with 6mm cable i used the plain end of a 6mm drill to shape the crimp part to pertect circle of 6mm dameter, then soldered the join so the parts of the cable clamp would not move.

After soldering the cable to the correct places i used a BNC crimping tool RG59 6.48 mm size to crimp the soldered circle around the cable to form an incredibly strong grip.

To finish i used some heatshrink to cover the crimp and add some colour coding.

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