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Phil Durkin

Hello there, Can anyone help. I have 2 pc's, one running XP home edition(newPC) and the other running Windows ME. The XP has built in LAN and the ME one has a Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC card. I just want to connect them together but they dont want to know. Is it possible?

1. Do I use a crossed cable or a normal one, it will only recognise a crossed one and the LED lights up on the ethernet card, is the correct cable.

2. The XP will send 'packets to the other PC but will not recieve any, also I cannhot see the other PC when I open my network places on both PC's??

Am i doing something wrong.please help

Kind regards

You need a 'crossover' to direct-connect two network cards. Before trying to look into network connection problems open a command prompt and try doing a 'ping' to the other machine, eg.


entering whatever IP address the other PC has .. if you don't know it there are several ways, the 'ipconfig' command is one such.
A crossed cable is correct.

Sounds like you need to look and your sharing and security settings. I seem the recall that if you've not shared any resources, the PC won't show up on your network neighbourhood (not 100% sure on that though). Also, WinME and XP machines can take a few minutes to see each other after they're turned on. Wait about 10 mins and then refresh before giving up.
If u are not using a router then u need the crossover cable.
Make sure both PC's are in the same workgroup.. also make sure the pc name does not have spaces or underscore characters (I had issues with xp to 2000)

then it should just work (though u may need to define a IP address/gateway etc as this is normally done by my router)

Also check that if you are running a firewall that u have opened it up to network neighbourhood.

Cheers Matt Ive got it working

I had Zonealarm on the old PC but thought it was set up to allow networking. I shut down zone alarm and 'bob's your uncle'.

Thanks to for the other members and your valuable prompt replies. Phil:clap:

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