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Currenty have a PC in my lounge that holds all my music and various DVD rips.

In the bedroom I have an XBOX running XBMC.

The xbox is connected to my PC via Panasonic 'Home Plugs'. So currently, providing my pc is on, I have full access to Music and Video that resides on my PC via XBMC.

MY Pc is running out of space, so instead of just adding a new harddrive, I thought Id see what my options were with regard to a solution that does not require my PC to be permanently on for the Xbox to access the media.

Would I be right in thinking I need a NAS Drive?! Not too clued up on networking etc so any points be gratefully received!

Ideally a storage solution that frees up my PC and is accessible from both the PC and the XBOX to view various media types. Essentially I want to remove the need for PC to be on to use the XBOX to view media!

Any pointers would be good!


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Yes, a NAS is what you need and a network that connects them all together. I don't know what the 'Panasonic Home Plug' thing is: network over the mains power, maybe? Either an extension of theat or a little switch/broadband router depending on your layout.



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Yes Panasonic home plug is networking through power supply.

Basically my current set up:

Pc connected to a BT HomeHub

Switch Connected to BT Homehub

From the switch I Have one connection to my Xbox360 which sits next to my pc, and one connection to the Panasonic Home Plug.

The Xbox sits in a different room and connects via the Panasonic connection.

Could someone advise hw the NAS fits into such a set up?

Could someone also give me some tips at Which NAS to go for - dont want to spend excessively but I suppose start off with 500Gb Storage and upgrade as required?


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