Networked DVD recorder?


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I'm new to this forum but see there are some very knowledgeable people out there ! So hopefully someone can help.

I want to have the functionality of a MCE PC, but don't want a really expensive PC sitting under a TV in the living room, and have to have another PC elsewhere when someone actually wants to do some 'normal' PC work. Ideally, I'd like to put the MCE PC elsewhere, with an extender in the living room, but of course, there are no extenders in the UK yet (as far as I know?) Also, it would then make it difficult to use the MCE PC as a PVR as it is some distance from the incoming SKY cable in the living room (can't get freeview I'm afraid) and I think the signal levels would drop quite a bit. (Can you record all - even subscription channels - to an MCE PC?)

Anyway, I saw that LG have released the LRM-519 in the US which is a DVD/HDD recorder, with the ability to be networked and stream media in 2 directions from an XP or MCE PC. They have a tied up with Microsoft for this. This would seem to be an ideal solution for me but LG say no release date for the UK as yet.

Does anyone know of this or any other similar product that is available in the UK?


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foneman, thanks, but is this just a US model? Also, whilst it seems it can 'send' files to a PC, can it be used to view/listen to files stored on a PC?


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neilwatson68 said:
foneman, thanks, but is this just a US model? Also, whilst it seems it can 'send' files to a PC, can it be used to view/listen to files stored on a PC?
The DMR-E500HEBS is the UK spec model and is available at a knock down price from Richer Sounds.

However, I think the network functionality will not meet your requirements, see my post half way down this thread...


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Not a DVD recorder but a HDD recorder with a DVD player with network capability. Check out the Kiss DP-558.

And of course there's is TiVo. Again not DVD recorder but a HDD recorder, which can be fully networked and accessed from the Internet with an additional network card. More info TiVo UK Community and Deal Database. Note TiVo can only be bought second hand now in the UK.


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Just got my copy of wotsat!! ('kojak' on the cover.. ) - the 'reelbox' is back!! :):)

there are 'lite' to 'avantgarde' versions, if you want to start low, and upgrade later - its basically a PC in a nice box,(with the right cardreaders & tuners!) running debian linux, so the harddrive and other hardware is easily upgradeable..

* Personal video recorder (PVR)
* Mediaplayer
* Mediaserver & client
* 4x DVB s DVB-S-Tuner - also DVB C, DVB T
(Quad-Tuner technology)
* 160GB Hard-disk (Upgradable)
* Dual Layer Layer DVD burner
* USB 2,0, 1000 Mbit network, DVI, HDMI
* Mini PCI wireless lan module
* Four different housing variants
* Fully living room-suited

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