Networked devices not showing on Windows 10 File Explorer


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Would be grateful for help with this issue...

I've just completed the clean install of a dual boot (W10 Pro 64bit + Ubuntu 64bit) desktop PC (two physical HDD's - W10 installed on one, Ubuntu on the other) and wish to restore some personal user folders & files to the W10 HDD that I backed up on a network-connected NAS. Backup was done using Macrium Reflect. Trouble is, I can't see any network-connected devices using File Explorer. File Explorer gives the 'Network' option but clicking on it draws a blank.

I'm pretty new to all this but I'm sure I remember previously seeing all networked devices using File Explorer on my previous OS (W10 Pro 32bit). So far, I've only installed Chrome and Firefox browsers in both OS's and Macrium Reflect in W10 - if that's relevant.

How may I view networked devices in File Explorer?


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This site should help. 😀
Thanks. I had a quick look-see and I think there's a section that applies to my situation. I'll give it a go when I've got half a day spare. Can't believe Microsoft have cocked up the network discovery process (actually, I can).


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Simply type in the name of your NAS and the share name into Explorer. Network Discovery is fine in Win10.

For example \\mynas01\myshare

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