Network using two routers (BT Home Hub and BT Voyager 2100


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I currently own a BT Home which wirelessly contects my Macbook pro, PC Laptop and PS3 to the internet as well as routing my Phone down Broadband Talk V0IP and giving me wired access to BT Vision. The Hub is situated in The living room so i can have the two wired connections in their most conveniant place. However, I also have a Xbox 360 and a HP Printer (HP PSC 2355 All-in-One) in the Loft room and a unused BT Voyager 2100 Wirless Router packed away. I have just two queations (1) Would i be able to use this router to bridge my wireless network into the loft room and have my Xbox hard wired into it (I have a second phone line in the room) Not sure how this would work. (2) Also, i would like to wirelessly access my printer from my two laptops can i connect this directly to the router using an ethernet cable or USB? If not what do i need to add the printer to the server. :lease:

Before anybody tells me i should get the xbox wirless adaptor, I just think £60pounds is extortionately expensive and one of the reason i can't understand why people say the PS3 is more expensive than the xbox (with HD DVD drive i have already paid approx £430 and to add adaptor i would have paid £490 simply to get it upto PS3 spec)


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Hi gaz,


1) I don't believe so - you'd need it to work in "bridge" mode which I don't think it does.
2) You'll need a print server, which again I don't think the BT Voyager will do.

So, it looks like you'll either need to run some cable or buy some new hardware.
You can get wireless bridge/print servers (e.g. the Netgear WGPS606) which will do all you're looking for for around £50, plus you'll have some LAN ports left over for more networkable kit in your loft room.
You should check that your printer is supported by whatever you get - some print servers don't cope well with multi-function printers.

Also note that I have no experience of that product so it's not an endorsement, just an example.


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