Network switch issue


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i opplogize also posted in a different thread

i have a problem with my network switch

i have virgin media. direct ethernet cable from my pc to my router im getting over 200mb

when i insert the cable into the switch to my pc im only gettin about 80 to 90mb
iv replace the cable from the router to the switch still no change.

does this mean its a faulty network or some settings iv missed.



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Thanx i have dine all working good but rooms are ethernet wired first batch i used decent quality cat6 cable but the second batch was cheap quality cable
On the cheap cable masdive speed drop over 15 plus metres like 160mbps drop.
Can cheap cable make this difference


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It's possible but I don't know if 15m is long enough to make a difference.
I've got a 15m length in my network but all that's connected to it is a low res IP camera.


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What im going to do is try a good quality cable tomoro just to run externally from router ro the room if it makes a difference then that confirms crappy cable


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Iv replaced cat6 cable to my bedroom now im gettin over 200mb (brilliant)
Now i have tablets and laptops when im watchin movies and stuff.
What is the gadget called if i connect the ethernet cable directly into it it will distribute same speed intoy room. Now my wifi speed is about 13mb.

I tried plugin ethernet the tplink RE210 i have didnt work or its not compatible??

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