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Network Streaming System Setup


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Hi all, I am moving to a streaming system for the whole family to enjoy. I just need help on how to setup the whole thing together.
Here is my equipment list:
  • WD TV Live Hub 2TB Media Player (not wired)
  • Samsung Bluray Player (wired to Trendnet TEW-671BR)
  • 2 desktop computers (wired to Trendnet TEW-671BR)
  • Various wireless devices (desktops & laptops)
Current setup:
  • Streaming from a shared drive from a wired computer
  • Poor wireless reception from the second floor
  • The internet modem & router are in the basement
  • Was thinking about moving the router to the main floor , but I need to keep it in the basement for the wired equipments (open to options here). Running wires all over the house is not an option.
Wanting to do:
  • Setup the WD box with all streaming media
  • Stream to any devices in the whole house
  • Get better reception from the second floor (add another router, switch box???)
If I add another router to the main floor and connect it to the first router, am I going to lose speed from the second router when streaming and using the internet on many devices?

So I am looking at the best and fastest solution for streaming movies (in any kind of format and bluray) and music. I was thinking about the new Asus AC router as an add-on or replacement if the range is better.

I am open to all options. Let me know if you need more information.

Thanks for your help.


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HomePlug 500AV from Solwise

Have you thought about networking over your mains wiring. This might be a good starting point to solving your network problems if you've sockets on the same ring.

Why not have a look at some of these as a starting point? I have the 500MB ones, and while that's only a theoretical speed, it works fine for networking blu-rays.


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Wi-fi transmit power is limited by law and most kit is already at or near the legally permitted max. Don't expect to find some uber-router with twice the power of everything else. In any case, "more signal from the router," even if it were posible, is not the best fix for wi-fi coverage issues:

By far the best solution for wi-fi coverage issues is to put up additional outpost Wi-Fi "Access Points" to fill in the holes, (there's an AP built-in to your "router" - "routers" are not necessary to "do wi-fi,") with AP's cabled back to your main router, either using "proper" network cables or tunnelled over the mains using HomePlugs. There are even HomePlugs/AP combo boxes, which strikes me as a fairly elegant solution. Thereby creating a "cellular" network of wi-fi hot-spots throughout the premise.

You could do worse than read the "HomePlugs" and "Using two routers together" FAQ's in this forum.

Your router looks to be a decent enough box. I'd keep it if you're happy with it and add outpost AP's.

If you did want to move your router, you could replace it with an "ethernet switch" in the basement for the wired devices down there, thence take connectivity up the to router over the mains using the aforementioned HomePlugs.
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