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Apologies if this is in the wrong thread but I have also posted this within the Networking forum.

I have seen recommendations for all sorts of networking cabling and am going with good quality CAT6a mainly for networking TVs and NAS. I will be putting several feeds into each room but I have a question that nobody seems to have asked: Does the port quality matter?

If I am spending money/time/effort on putting in a great cable, does it matter what port I have on the wall or does this not affect the quality of the signal one bit? Is one network port from a manufacturer the same as another?

An extension to this, does anybody know where I can get something that looks prettier than plastic white? Or, again, is this pretty much the absolute standard. Many thanks

Thats a tricky question to answer, obvioulsy if Cat6a they also have to be CAt6a modules. For Cat6a we would usually only use a recognised brand such as Excel

Though personally I would use Cat6 rather than Cat6a as easier to install and terminate and doubt you will be using the 10 Gigabit speed that Cat6A accomodates.

I know that Cat6 modules come in White or Black and are a standard euro plate size so you can then get a wide range of finishes on blank plates. (Chrome, Black, Brushed steel etc)


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Thanks for the information!

The main reason I am using Cat6a is mainly the shielding. I use Cat6 at work and, although I haven't had much issue with interference, I haven't ever installed it into an older house with wires everywhere. Being able to use up to 10 gigabit speed is more of a bonus for the future.
Never come across a house that required shielded cable however messy the power cable. Just keep to the 20cm rule between power and data and it will be fine.
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That's good to know. May stick with Cat6 then as I can get hold of that for absolute peanuts compared to Cat6a. Many thanks!


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In my business I always specify Excel - better quality\sturdier modules\faceplates. Cheaper makes don't take knocks as well and things like the shutter plates get stuck.

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