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Typically, having just built my all singing and dancing new desktop my laptop has decided it will start playing games again and remain stable :clap:

The misses has fallen in love with playing Gothic 3 - she likes playing games but generally isnt very good at them and so gets frustrated but this hasnt happened with G3 :smashin:

So seeing as we now have 2 machines capable of playing games it seems a good idea to play together rather than being sitting on different PCs all night doing the same thing.

Whilst she likes the game she isnt very good so isnt keen on the idea of MORP games... so as the title says.... are there any games like Gothic 3 that 2 players can play together over a LAN ?

Many thanks


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For multiplayer and RPG, then Diablo II still is really really cool. Although she might not like the arcade pace of it. If she is looknig for something a little more sedate, when you can wander around and talk to people then you could look at Neverwinter Nights.

It is really difficult to recommend a game as the more likely candidates are all MMORPGs or single players.

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